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Social Innovator Fellows 2015-16

Applications Now Open!

 Deadline: 18 July 2015

The program is targeted at investing in young Zimbabweans to develop their leadership skills and support their vision for social change. In addition, we have observed that while social entrepreneurship has begun to take off as a viable and sought after career path in many parts of the world, it has yet to develop significant traction in the country. This is a learning opportunity for those individuals with a passion for solving some of the pressing social problems in the country and the moral strength needed to achieve it.

The fellowship begins with a week-long training program in October. The program will bring together social leaders, creating a dynamic community of like-minded individuals who develop their skills while learning from and inspiring each other. Each Social Innovator receives twelve months of training, development, mentoring and support for their project.

The fellowship is not a full-time commitment or job. If you're looking to join a dynamic community, hard-working team and are hungry to change the world, we’d like to hear from you.

To apply:
• Send your CV and a one page essay explaining a social challenge you feel strongly about   and your ideas towards it to with the subject line clearly stating,  Social Innovators fellowship program.
• Applications must be received by July 18, 2015.

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Social Innovator Fellows 2014-2015

Meet our 2nd class of social innovator fellows!


Dorothy Pasipanodya (23)

Dorothy is the co-founder of The Power of Word. Let’s Talk, Ngatitaure, Asikhulume which is a community based project that aims to change the mind-set of the community so as to promote gender equality and empowerment.  She is passionate about teaching the art of critical thinking through debate, mentorship and research. Dorothy is motivated by her background, having grown up in patriarchal Masvingo. One of her mantras is “always do your best and have fun because life has enough problems without you adding to them.”



Belinda Ndlovu (23)
Passionate about working with the deaf community and creating work opportunities through sustainable projects, she has started a youtube channel where she teaches sign language. She intends to open a restaurant run by deaf people, with 80% deaf staff. The profits from the restaurant will be used to build a training centre where deaf youths will be given training in different skills like carpentry, hairdressing, professional cookery etc. She  envisions a  situation where everyone understands basic sign language.


Onai Hara (21)
Still a student studying towards a BA (Hons) in Social work at the University of Zimbabwe and  also working with the deaf community, Onai is pioneering sign language lessons for university students as a credited course. She is passionate about seeing people live the purpose that God created them for, do the things that they love without any fear and also get the opportunity to be truly who they are.




Elmon Mudefi- (30)

Passionate about sport and with a degree in psychology, Elmon would like to engage young people through sport in a bid to promote healthy and morally upright behaviour. This will be done through establishing a youth Sports Club that is focused on rehabilitating those overtaken by alcoholism, prostitution and drug abuse. This will create a platform for talented individuals to market themselves and make a living out of it.



Nyasha Mulambo (24)
Recent University graduate and facing the realities of unemployment, Nyasha would like to set up a volunteer network and hub space for graduates that will connect them to each other and the rest of the world. This will give them increased access to information and the need to create opportunities for themselves. She is one of the first young women to attend university in her family and would therefore like to pass on this privilege to other young people in her community by ensuring they have unlimited access to information, networks and self-help tools.  
 Sarah Jaravaza  (29)

She has qualifications in education and biological sciences and is passionate about growing mushrooms.  She loves that this is a practical application of a topic that she has studied. She wants to work with  her community and teach them to grow mushrooms as a form of sustainable business.  She plans to train and develop partner growers in the area,  so that they will be able to produce edible mushrooms at a large scale year round for various markets.


 Mike Karimazondo Mike (23)
He grew up on the communal farming areas of Mutoko and is driven by the need to solve problems around him no matter how small they are. He has self- taught himself to make several objects from small wires and plastics. At 15, he managed to make a rotating motor following the instructions in a science book .He apprenticed to be a carpenter from his brother, in order to finance  his university studies. He has since invented a number of things in wood work such as the rotating mirror and a do-it- yourself bed that you can dismantle and carry in your suitcase in a bus and fix it when you get home. He would like to teach other disadvantaged youths how they can invent solutions to their problems.


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